Several decades ago, a man known only as David woke up with a cold sweat. He had been camping with the family and he knew something was wrong. ┬áHe snatched up his torch and shone it around the tent. Water was everywhere. The source of the problem was quite obvious. On one side, the water had forced it’s way through the material. On the other, there was a gaping hole. That was the beginning of what became a very long night and a very soggy trip back home. It was also the beginning of a journey that hasn’t yet finished.

David decided that he would make something that would work better in the outdoors than anything ever had before. David’s father, grandfather and many of his relatives had been wranglers of Australian canvas. He spent years learning from them, drawing up designs and gaining experience outdoors before feeling ready. During this time, he realised that tents just didn’t make the cut in terms of sturdiness, durability and toughness. And there was a massive hole in the swag market. Every swag for sale was a cheap import from China that just fell apart. He wanted more. So he created the best swags possible. He used many names for them but finally settled for Panorama. Why settle for something less when you can have a Panorama? You should be able to take in the widest view at any location.

We are an Australian family owned business that specializing in making the toughest swags known to humanity. We’ve been doing it for almost 20 years and the quality only gets better. From humble beginnings to an Australia-wide supplier, we have held on to this dream through thick and thin. We want to give you the best. And we will.

Panorama has been designed for nothing but the harshest outdoor environments by those who live the bush life. How you ask? A lot of effort from a lot of people.

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