Australia’s Toughest Swag

Australia’s Toughest Swag


Congratulations! You have finally found the makers of the toughest swags in Australia. Proof you say? There’s an entire list.

  • Our swags were designed by the original founders of Burke and Wills. They themselves admit that these are better than anything they’ve designed before.
  • We use premium  Australian materials.
    1. 15oz Ripstop Canvas. This is legendary stuff. If you go any tougher you won’t be able to carry the swag. Literally crafted so that you can’t break it.
    2. 75mm Eggshell Foam Mattress. Forget not sleeping. Go to sleep on this and you can forget about waking up.
    3. Double Ripstop Canvas Base. Thorns, thistles, sticks, rocks, blunt knives and 4WD’s. They all tried. They all failed. Put it down wherever you want.
    4. Midge Proof Flyscreen. We construct our swags to defeat the worst of the Australian flora and fauna. Yes, we made it midge proof.
    5. YKK Zips. As you can expect from one of the most notable zip brands worldwide, these just never seem to break. They’re like a nose with a cold. They just keep running.
  • 5 Year Manufacturing Warranty. We guarantee what we make. Because we make only the best.
  • Heaps and heaps of customer reviews and feedback. Ask anyone who has purchased a Panorama swag. Reputation is everything and we have a good one.

“I went outback to hunt pigs and I took my massive double swag with me. We did a bit of drinking and I may have jumped into my patrol and tried to reverse it into a better spot. I didn’t realize that I set up my swag behind the car. I drove over the whole thing and snapped every pole. However, the swag itself was absolutely fine. I even cut myself on the pole shards when I took them out. That really got my goat. But the swag wasn’t damaged at all. Even flooded. I was as dry as a bone. Love them. Would get another one if I had to.” – Glen (Self proclaimed hunting and camping expert)

Our products are just like this website. Practical and to the point. We can’t wait to be able to share our incredibly resilient, Australian made product with you. After all, you get what you pay for. In fact, in this case you probably get more.

Let’s get to the good stuff.

The QQC Blokes

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